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Imagevue X2.1.6

Imagevue X2.1.6

November 9th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Updated styles (mostly for mac), and some bugfixes.

  • GENERAL: Cleaned up some templates
  • GENERAL: Email errors moved to language files
  • GENERAL: Some language files updated
  • GENERAL: Favicon
  • GENERAL: Some fixes here and there
  • GENERAL: Incompatibility with eAccelerator resolved
  • GENERAL: Now send link email delivers thumbnail
  • FRONTEND: Improved CSS styles optimized for variouis OS platforms
  • FRONTEND: Now does not log you out from control panel when you hide Control Bar
  • ADMIN: Notification added for guest/guest login
  • ADMIN: [Use this language ] Button added to language editor
  • ADMIN: Dropdowns in config editors for language and theme selectors

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