X3 Downloads

Download latest X3 release or previous versions.

X3 Installer * Recommended

Download x3_installer.php, upload into the directory where you want to install X3, and access the file from browser. See the X3 Setup Guide for futher instructions.

Download X3 Installer
* Recommended

Download X3 Zip

If you can't or don't want to use the X3 Installer script, you can download X3 by ZIP and install manually. See the X3 Setup Guide for futher instructions.

~ 48MBFull  Includes sample content resembling the X3 demo.
~ 4MBMin  Minimal installation without sample content.
~ 3MBUpdate  X3 application files, only for updating existing X3 installations.

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FAQ: Can I download and install X3 without a valid license?

Yes, but there will be a link to www.photo.gallery in the website footer until you purchase an X3 license. There is no expire time and you can easily convert to a licensed version whenever you like.