The Ultimate Photo Gallery Website

X3 is a complete photo gallery website for photographers and artists. Designed to look amazing on all devices, X3 comes loaded with features!

X3 Photo Gallery

Beautiful Design
Loaded with styles and layouts

The X3 website is highly customizable, with hundreds of style combinations to choose from. Select from a variety of skins, colors, layouts and fonts to create a truly unique website design. X3 also comes loaded with image gallery layouts including slideshow, columns, grids and carousels.

X3 Website Demo

* Use the Styler interface to preview X3 style combinations.

X3 Styles

X3 Control Panel
Content Management System

Use the Control Panel to setup and manage your X3 website.

  • Create pages
  • Upload image galleries
  • Manage settings
X3 Panel Demo

Looks Amazing
All Screens and Devices

Designed to respond gracefully on all screens, X3 displays in a beautiful interface for all visitors.

X3 Devices

Extreme Performance

To satisy visitors, we believe it is critical that your website and it's contents display as fast as possible. Navigate our X3 Demo to experience how fast X3 performs.


A few highlights from X3's extensive list of features.

  • HTML5

    X3 Photo Gallery is built on latest technologies for modern browsers, including HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.

  • Semantical Code

    X3 is made with semantical HTML5 to ensure best integration with modern browsers and optimal SEO.

  • Plugins

    Panorama, Cart, Files, Maps, Chat, Fotomoto, comments, comparison slider, video intro and many more plugins.

  • Audio Player

    X3 features a beautiful audio player plugin, which allows you to compliment your website with music.

  • Advanced Menu

    X3 comes with several menu layouts, including sidebar, slidemenu and topbar with mega-menu.

  • Custom Forms

    Create your own contact form with any form elements, and X3 will forward all data appropriately.

  • Password Protection

    Easily protect folders or entire sections of your website, with a simple-to-use password-protection manager.

  • Download Protection

    Prevent visitors from easily downloading images with X3's built-in image-protection plugin.

  • EXIF, IPTC and GPS Data

    X3 can display meta data from your photos, including captions, camera settings and GPS map links.

  • Smart Image-Resizing

    X3's smart image-resizer serves best image to visitors browser based on current layout, screen size and density.

  • Sharing

    X3 has a built-in sharing toolbar, which allows visitors to share your pages and images on popular social media.

  • Beautiful Popup

    Images in X3 galleries display in a beautiful popup, which loads images at best size, and allows zoom and swipe.

Questions & Answers

Who is X3 for?

X3 is for photographers, artists, web-designers and anyone who is looking for a beautiful, modern website tool.

Is X3 easy to setup and use?

Yes. Simply upload X3 to your website, and start creating pages and galleries from the control panel.

What do I need to run X3?

You need a domain name and web-hosting, unless you use our own dedicated X3 hosting at

What are the server requirements for X3?

X3 requires PHP 5.3+ on any server Apache/Microsoft IIS/NGINX/Lighttpd.

Do you offer a trial version?

Yes. Please go to the downloads page.

What others are saying about X3

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Thank you for your great responsiveness and availability. X3 is a great product, both in terms of adaptability, look and ease of use once we understand how to do it. Great big bravo ... Luc Nadaud
I'm going to use X3 for my main website. Bye Bye Wordpress! Love X3 product! ;-) Anthony Beenen
Thank you so much for all the help, and the new software is great. Adam Curtis
Great product, X3 is working fine on my NAS and I am discovering new features minute after minute, well done! Marco Brivio
You created an amazing and easy way to manage it!! Thank you very much for your vision, it is a fantastic tool!!! Thierry Bignolet /
Big supporter of yours and Imagevue! Great job on refining X2, hoping for the best of X3. Yuan & Mark
Compliment for your big work for this x3. The clients are very happy, cool website and also cool support from you. Andreas Avanzini /
Wow!!!!! ImagevueX is amazing!!!! I love it. Its so easy to use and looks awesome!!! Job well done guys. Pieter van Wyk
I will probably be changing a few of my Clients Website to X3 over the next few Months … Just so easy to use …. Love it!! Jay Legge
I recently move hosting and it works and i LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much and i love Imagevue is the best have a great weekend :D Ismael Rac
Very much appreciated. This CMS is a credit to you. Thanks for your excellent work. Glen Vause
And thanks for a very nice gallery :) keep up the good work that you and your freinds are doing to make this the most user freindly gallery on the net :) :) Michael Birkbak
Your work on X3 is amazing. I'm trying it for few days and I'm really impressed. For your incredible work, for the time you spend answering emails, answering forum questions ... Kivlov
You have developed something very beautiful and highly dynamic. I tip my hat to you and also to your commitment to support! Awesomeness!!! JK4U
PS.... your new X3 is a great product! Thanks. Chris Miller
Wonderful work on Imagevue X3! Alexander Brodesser
You make such a fantastic job - love your software ♥ Rokuda Merlin
Thanks so much for the quick reply and thank you so much for this amazing gallery! DeezJee
The more I work on Imagevuex the more I fall in love with it!!! I think X3 is worth every cent and the support you provide is the best in the business. Pieter / Epicmotion
You've created a wonderful gallery package and I am eternally grateful. Stewart / twomoocows
Just almost finish the new site !! I have to tell you that imagevue is simply amazing by the rapidity, options and all the features. Congratulations. Mat Semiond /
Genious! Many thanks! I love the new design. Congrats! Federico Peletti /
The only one Photo Gallery, dedicated for photographers. Improvements, support, easy way to manage......Ever the best! Gérard /
Thanks for the great work! You have created a truly fine product, and you're great to work with. Although intended primarily for photographers and artists I find it perfect for architects as well. Daniel /
Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! I've honestly never come across such helpful and adorable customer service! Elphie /
When I look at all them great websites that are made with X3, i think I'm going to have a lot of fun developing my website further. X3 is really a powerful tool with so many possibilities. Thanks for making a truly great product :-) Christian Mørdre /

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