New X3 Home and Updated Resources

X3 has moved into it's new home at and we have updated all X3 links and resources on our new server.

X3 Photo Gallery

Howdy folks! It's been a couple of months since last X3 update. We have been busy updating our infrastructure and moving into our new home here at It was time to depart from, which was no longer a suitable home for X3. We have new links to all X3 resources (see below), a new X3 Downloads section and a new Blog. We have also moved our websites and services to a new super-fast server and updated our Flamepix X3 hosting.

Updated X3 Resources

All websites and web services have moved to our new domain.

X3 Photo Gallery Home
Our new X3 Photo Gallery home, replacing the former

X3 Documention  

X3 Support Forums  

X3 Demo Website  

X3 Downloads New
Download latest X3 release or previous X3 versions.

X3 Photo Gallery Blog New
News, updates and relevant posts.

Imagevue X2  
Want to visit the old website for Imagevue X2? Probably not.

New Emails
All correspondence will now happen to and from our new emails.

We use Google G Suite for all emails across multiple domains and for outgoing emails from our services. G Suite is a very powerful tool "done right" by the company that processes most of the world's emails through it's servers. We will be recommending this service to those of you who require professional email hosting independent from web hosting. Very affordable at $2.50/month.

New X3 Server  

All our websites and web services have been updated and moved to our new server in New York. The new server is setup with latest versions of NGINX, Apache and PHP. We use Cloudflare Pro for CDN, security and a new feature called Argo for improved network speeds across the globe. If you test any of our websites, I'm sure you will agree they load fast! It's been very educating to work with our own server and we are looking forward to implement new ideas into X3.

Updated Flamepix X3 Hosting

Hand-in-hand with our new server, we have setup new Flamepix X3 hosting servers in three locations. All our X3 websites are actually running on the same Flamepix X3 hosting that we offer to customers. We have new competitive pricing and hope some of you will consider moving to our superior hosting for your X3 website. Find out more at