Photo Gallery X3.25.0

X3.25.0 is essentially a massive core/code update, but with several new features like GPS map links, auto-cache and GDPR required consent.

Photo Gallery X3.25.0

New release X3.25.0 is essentially a massive core/code update, but with several new features like GPS map links, auto-cache and GDPR required consent. The feature list for this release is extensive and somewhat technical, but I have tried to list in order of interestingness. Happy updating!

How to update?

Navigate to Panel › Tools › X3 Updates See X3 Docs

GPS Map Links [X3 Pro]

Most modern cameras and smartphones will store GPS location data in photos, now used by X3 to create Google map links for your images. New map links are available for the X3 popup and can also be assigned to gallery layout captions.

Popup Demo Gallery Demo


There are two ways to include map links from the X3 panel.

NB! X3 can only create map links from geotagged photos. If you want to check if your photos are geotagged, get the url for one of your images and diagnose it from

GDPR "Required Consent" Checkbox.

Some of you have been waiting for a "required consent" checkbox for contact forms to comply with EU GDPR regulations. Below is a simple example of an X3 required checkbox inside a form. When a checkbox is set to "required", the form will only send if the checkbox is checked.


To include a required checkbox in your contactform, simply include a checkbox with the "required" attribute alongside a label with text of your choice. You can find examples of a "required" checkbox in the content editor contact form templates screencode

Should I be adding this to my contact form?

We know some of you feel compelled to add a "required consent" checkbox, but in our professional opinion, it is not required for ordinary contact forms. We recommend reading this article and our post in the X3 forums for further details.

Preload Website Auto Cache Wow!

This feature is difficult to explain, but it is really cool so I will make an attempt: Have you visited our X3 Demo and navigated pages from the menu? Did you notice how fast pages display without any loading? This is thanks to the X3 preload website feature screen The difficulty with this feature is that A) it requires you to "create site object" after every change made from the panel and B) It is a heavy task that your server may not be able to process.

Solution: Preload Website Auto Cache

So, because we loved this unique X3 feature so much, we decided to make an automated option and enable it by default. X3 will now automatically build the "preload website" data file progressively as your pages are visited. Once the data file starts populating, it will load into the visitors browser, allowing other pages to display immediately without any loading. Essentially, your X3 website will seem extremely fast and satisfactory to all visitors! more technical info

Javascript Update

X3.25.0 includes a massive Javascript update, resulting in faster loading, improved functionality and a more responsive X3 interface. We have removed, replaced and updated plugins, now mostly loaded on-demand from JSDelivr CDN, reducing the X3 Core Javascript to less than half size.

jQuery 3

While X3 previously used jQuery 2.x, we have now updated X3 to use latest jQuery 3.3.1. jQuery is used extensively in the X3 application, and updating to jQuery 3 required a lot of code re-factoring, with jQuery 3 being slimmer, faster and better optimized for modern browsers.

Updated Scripts and Plugins

Most plugins have been updated and are now loaded independently from the X3 Core Javascript. Some plugins will load Asynchronously after X3 load, while most plugins are served On-demand, meaning they will only load if and when required. Furthermore, all Javascripts and CSS are now loaded from the super-fast JSDelivr CDN Show updated plugins

CSS Stylesheet Optimization

Alongside the Javascript update, we have also cleaned up and optimized X3 Core CSS stylesheets, resulting in more efficient CSS and file size reduced by 25%. Furthermore, several stylesheets have been removed from the X3 Core and are now loaded "on-demand" from CDN.

More Interesting Features

X3 Popup Auto-Open

New X3 popup auto-open setting, allowing first image in a gallery to immediately open and display on page load. This option is available from page › gallery settings screen as well as global popup settings  screenDemo

X3 Popup Design and Function

Loads of design- and functionality improvements to the X3 Popup see all

Timeago JS Auto-Language

Timeago relative time-formatter will now automatically load language translation based on visitors browser language. For example, this means a visitor from Germany will see "vor 5 Tagen", while a visitor from US will see "5 days ago" screenscreen

Embed Modal Popup

New X3 embed modal popup, similar to the X3 popup, but dedicated to embedding sources like Google maps, Youtube and Vimeo. We use this method internally for the new image maps feature, but it is also available to be used in custom content democode

Syntax Highlighter

New syntax highlighter design with copy code button, available from content templates screen

var googoo = 'gaga';
console.log(googoo); // returns 'gaga'

Notable Features

Bugs / Warnings / Errors

  • Updated TWIG to support PHP 7.2 with strict countable() Forum
  • Fixed Asian characters when storing title and description in image Exif forum
  • Fixed panel DB installer "from" email when sending initial email.
  • Fixed bug when attempting to "double-click" an image to open in X3 popup.
  • Fixed pagenav order when sorting by date and using custom dates screenforum
  • Panel left MENU drag-and-drop is now disabled on small touch-devices (mobile).
  • Empty spaces in file names are now encoded to %20 in og:image meta tag forum
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect slidemenu toggle width if browser is ZOOMED in.
  • Mailer SMTP does not try to set username/password if SMTP AUTH is disabled.
  • Added new IP-to-location service provider for cookie consent plugin screen


Upgrade to X3 PRO?

You can upgrade from X3 Private to X3 PRO for $65.00 from the X3 purchase page. Click the "upgrade" tab, enter your order ID or email and follow on-screen instructions.

X3.26.0 Panorama

We will be adding Panorama VR support to next X3 release. If you want to help, comment or read more, please check this post in the X3 forums.

Audio Autoplay is now blocked

All audio autoplay is now blocked by browser since Chrome version 66, and I expect other browsers to follow suit. This is part of Google's effort to prevent unwanted website effects on behalf of their users, and website-owners will simply need to come to terms with this. Read more at Google Developers and Techcrunch.

Font Awesome 5?

We wanted to implement new Font Awesome 5 into X3, but this has to wait. FA5 is not backwards compatible with FA4 and would not work with X3 websites using FA4 icons. Furthermore, FA5 uses a different implementation technique, so we need to spend time upgrading the X3 design. FA5 will be part of a larger X3 update coming later. For now, X3 uses Font Awesome 4.7.

Updated X3 Updater

Although not a part of the actual update, we have also improved the X3 PHP updater script. To keep your X3 installation clean and free from junk, the X3 updater will now attempt to delete /app/ and /panel/ directories before replacing them. Furthermore, you can now easily downgrade to earlier X3 versions by using x3_updater.php?v=X3.24.3.