X3 Panorama Plugin

Announcing the new X3.26.0 panorama plugin, capable of displaying spherical and flat panoramas directly in X3.

X3 Panorama Plugin [X3 Pro]

After a while in the works, we are excited to announce the new X3 panorama plugin! Much effort was put into the creation of this plugin, which offers a beautiful interface with unique design, features and capabilities. The X3 panorama plugin was essentially release X3.26.0, but eventually merged and combined into X3.27.0. You can find panorama plugin documentation here.


How to update?

Navigate to Panel › Tools › X3 Updates See X3 Docs


A few panorama plugin features at a glance.

Beautiful UI

The panorama plugin was designed to suit all devices, with many unique and modern UI features. The interface includes intuitive button controls, drag, touch gestures, autorotate, gyroscope view (mobile devices), click- and keyboard controls.

Info Popup with GPS Maps screen

Show panorama title, description, EXIF and GPS Google maps in a neat info popup. If your source does not contain GPS coordinates, you can include coordinates as custom parameters.

Settings and Parameters screenscreen

The panorama plugin comes with extensive settings, allowing you to edit the interface and adjust how your panorama's display. There is also a new parameters input, where you can include specific options for each panorama.

Panorama Formats

The X3 panorama plugin supports equirectangular (spherical), cube (spherical) and flat formats, and can read projects exported from Marzipano Tool, Pano2VR and Krpano.


Equirectangular spherical format consists of a single image with a 2:1 aspect ratio. Simply resize your equirectangular source to 4096 px or 8192 px and upload into your X3 gallery View


Cube format consists of a spherical panorama exported into multiple tiles. Not as simple as equirectangular format, but advantages include progressive tile loading and support for higher resolutions. Export your cube with Marzipano Tool and upload into your X3 gallery View


Flat non-spherical multi-resolution gigapixel images, which allow extreme zoom capabilities. Exported from tools like Pano2VR and Krpano  View


Find panorama plugin documentation here:

Upgrade to X3 Pro

The X3 panorama plugin is reserved for the X3 PRO license. If you have X3 Private and wish to upgrade, it can be done for $65.00 from here. Click the "upgrade" tab.