Photo Gallery X3.28.0

New SEO options, PHP 7.4 compatibility, updated plugins, encrypted passwords, bug fixes and various improvements.

Photo Gallery X3.28.0

It's been a while since last X3 update, mainly because we have been working on our new Files app (read more at bottom of page), which will eventually become new X3 Panel 2.0. Back on track with X3 updates, this release includes features and fixes that have been lined up for a while, including new SEO options, PHP 7.4 compatibility, updated plugins, encrypted passwords and bug fixes.

Expect several feature-specific X3 updates in the coming months!

How to update?

Navigate to Panel › Tools › X3 Updates See X3 Docs


New SEO options

New SEO section in the panel allows you to set unique title, description and keywords meta tags on a per-page basisscreenforumread more

SEO options allow you to customize certain meta tags which may improve page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These options will not display for visitors, but are added to meta tags which are used by search engines. Check this guide for more info on SEO.

This option will populate the page title tag, which otherwise is populated from page title or page name. In terms of SEO, this is the most important tag.

This option will populate the page meta name="description" tag, which otherwise is populated from page description. This tag does not affect page rankings, but may still be used by search engines to provide a brief summary of your page in search listings.

This option will populate the page meta name="keywords" tag, which is no longer relevant for search engines. We recommend leaving this option blank, although it does not hurt to add the keywords tag if you really want to. What are meta keywords?

PHP 7.4 Compatibility

All X3 PHP code updated to comply with latest PHP 7.4 release without warnings or errors.

Updated Panorama plugin

Updated panorama plugin improves progressive loading of tiles and automated support for KRPano flat format forumforum

Encrypted passwords

Panel login password is now encrypted for improved security forumread more

About Encrypted Passwords
With encrypted passwords, the password field in panel settings will appear emptyscreen This is because encrypted passwords are irreversible and although X3 can "verify" the login, it cannot decrypt or read the password. Passwords will NOT automatically be encrypted after updating existing X3 websites. If you want to encrypt your password, go to Settings › Panel, re-enter your password and click save. Upon save, new password will be encrypted and stored.

Panel lazy load images

X3 panel will now "lazy load" images, meaning image will load and appear as you scroll the page. This prevents slow loading and server request overload for folders with lots of images.

Updated plugins

Loads of updated plugins in both the panel and the X3 website.

Various Updates

Files App

Finally, a few words about our new "Files" app. Files is a single-file PHP app that can be dropped into any dir on server, instantly creating a gallery of files and folders. This is an early version of what will eventually become X3 Panel 2.0, but for now it simply exists as a standalone app. Files has many cool features that will be imported into X3, including live search/filter/sort, CSS-based grid layouts and popup slideshow. Visit the website or check the demo.

Files gallery and file manager.

Please help test and post questions or comments the new Files forum. If you want to receive notifications about Files updates, please sign up for the Files newsletter.

Happy updating 😎