Photo Gallery X3.32.0

This release includes PHP 8.2 support, updated Files Gallery with watermarking option and new images sitemap creator.

How to update?

Navigate to Panel › Tools › X3 Updates See X3 Docs

Updated Files Gallery

X3 now includes latest Files Gallery running alongside your X3 website. The Files Gallery can be used as an alternative file manager for X3 from your /files/ dir or you can point it to a another dir and make a public version. This version also includes an option to watermark images on upload, something which might be useful for some X3 users.

See X3 Files Gallery demo or read more about Files Gallery in X3.

Images Sitemap Creator

For those who are specifically interested in getting images indexed in Google images search, I have created a new images sitemap creator for X3. The script will generate a sitemap that includes all your images, with links to their respective image landing pages. The script can be found under Settings › Advanced, under [Enable sitemap XML] or by url /panel/create_image_sitemap.php.

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